When you go to bed at night, what determines a good day?
The shortened to-do list, the bigger bank account, feeling accomplished or tired? But what if you covered all those items, by getting enough done, earning enough money and by being tired enough. How would you value yourself everyday?

How would you, specifically, measure your value every day?

Should money determine your value. If so what’s your hourly value?
Every hour, you’re worth more and more as you grow, learn and explore. Whether you’re learning in the office or out with clients, or out of the office, you’re learning. Would you say your hourly value is relative to your skill and experience?
The word relative changes things as you need a benchmark to justify your assumption. You could be earning big money, it’s just not relative to your peers and your social environment.

So money isn’t the best method of measurement.

What pays you to do what you do? Other than the money. Motivation by To-Do list and getting the job done according to the List. But once again, where’s the benchmark? Specially since all the items on the list have their own importance and urgency rating.

There is no benchmark to your value, there is no measurement. You’re the only one who could be you. You’re the only one who can specifically harbour a smile in someone else’s eyes. You’re the only one who’s able to bring life to your work. You’re the only one to be you.

Unfortunately as the population has grown, we find the competition to be unique and different, very challenging. Especially when we can change jobs in the blink of an eye. The work and the roles we fulfil have become so dispensable that we’ve covered ourselves in doubt. So we constantly judge and measure ourselves against a benchmark of the wrong currency.

You aren’t your pay check, you aren’t your bank account, you aren’t your debt, you aren’t the company you keep, you aren’t the achievements you’ve accomplished, you are you. Be that for one day!

PS: When we allow ourselves to be just that, ourselves, we allow others to be themselves, and that is an epiphany.


Without considering the repercussions of our choices, we act on what’s most rewarding in the immediate.

I coached a young Biokineticist, who was running a practice, for her Boss who was on maternity. Each and every instance of their interaction was bitter. The words and associations were bitter. Although, I only heard one side of the story, the same theory applies. The repercussions of achieving the short-term goal, required the boss to be a bitch. You can only imagine the repercussions to the practice and the moral of the staff member. And after all their interactions of achieving short-term goals, not once, did the Boss look up and see the long-term progress in the business and reward or compliment the staff member.

Without the power of a simple “Thank you”, or to the extent of this case, “how are you?”. The practice and the relationship never flourished. There was scope for the practice to expand and become popular within the community, drawing on surrounding gyms and schools, but the relationship started to rot.

Once the relationship, was irreparable, because the employee had since learnt that her Boss was in fact denying her own failures, the blaming someone else, only then did she realise the power of her position in the company and the mediocrity of the practice thats stood.

With this power, the employee had learnt what to look for when approaching a new job, and so sailed onto finding a job much more rewarding. Not financially, but emotionally. With supporting staff and encouraging Bosses, who wouldn’t hesitate to take her call or offer advice.

I caught up with her recently, and the first thing she said, was that, ‘I got a thank you’. She was elated, and felt the warmth of appreciation shared by the boss.

Simply because of these and many other interactions, she’ll have no reason to look for a job elsewhere, all be because she was thanked.

During our time on this planet, we have a lot of choices to make. Everything in life requires a choice. Even though you might not think certain things require a choice, there was a root where the essence of it all came from. The initial choice you made, at the very root, caused the reaction you are dealing with today. Too often the choices are under estimated, or under valued. The extent of the choice is not processed and so we focus on the short-term goal, instead of the long-term.

To that, which is more important? Which would have more of an impact?

Gentle to the touch are hands of the heart labourer, effortlessly moulding hearts and emotions with the passing of the sun.

Until one day, the hands moved to a more malleable substance, with more resistance, more fight, sharp realities and the power to draw blood. Starting with a simple project, involved cutting and joining ends to plans and plans to ends.
Within an instant the hands started to feel warn and over worked. Yet filled with love, the hands went on at a cost. They became red and sensitive, tender to touch as were the hearts they’d previously mended. The metal became supple and effortless as the gentle hands were now numb. The skin became battered and bruised, scared and burnt as metal was moulded, burnt, beat, warmed and beat again.

When the job was done the hands came to life with a burning awakening, acknowledging each and every cut and burn that contained more steel than his heart.

The awakened hands didn’t stop there as they wiped the tears, the fresh blood and new life that makes life a little bit better for all.

What an amazing experience! We arrived here in long pants and beautiful purple shirts, with sweat dripping from every pore in our bodies. Dragging, carrying or lugging heavy bags, packed full of friendships to be made and new beginnings. Still full of life while carrying all the possibilities, cheering and singing our way to the bus, grabbing high fives along the way.

Sitting in the bus was a luxury, simply because the air conditioning wouldn’t be around for another 12 days.

Why go to the world, when the world comes to you at Jamboree! So many cultures and friendships to be made! Already upon arriving, the friendships are stating to form, different countries join in a dance lead by Mexico, others join us in kicking the Soccer ball around. The friendships will go far an wide from here on out.

As true South Africans we made every opportunity of the main path going past our campsite, and the Scouts set up a Spaza Shop for badge swopping. Drawing Scouts from across the world to our site, where quick friendships and super interesting conversations were had. One of the conversations, was about why we are white! The story went along the lines “the cure makes you white”.

Every hour our skin temperature is above 30º, where it should be 24º. It’s so easy to overheat and dehydrate. We’re on a regular 4 to 6 liters of water just to maintain our energy levels. Even at 11pm, it’s 31º, without wind makes it incredibly clammy.

With endless opportunities in camp, the friendships and bonds are far and wide.

Skippy, a Scout in camp, is making the most of his campsite and standing in the main pathway infront of camp, throwing the rugby ball to passing people. So many friendships have been made and the gifts received, it’s absolutely mind blowing for me to understand his ability to simply throw the ball and interact. It’s a simple thrown, but the simple action is a big friendship starter.

SO much passion bleeds from these children it’s inspiring!

Till another inspiring day!