The day is done

Oh what an interesting day!

The second flight got off eventually and we reached our second destination, Munich, a little late, but safely. Stepping into our hotel at 12, we'd realised we'd missed the last train to Neuw Swanstein. (calls for another opportunity)

With only 5 hours of sun light, we needed to move quickly to get through as much as we could before it all closed. Olympic stadium, BMW factory, a lot of Munich and the trains.

Below is a 360 degree image of our visit to some place. Lots of snow and wind.

This is badly typed because my head isn't functioning at the moment, but we also managed to see some of the main churches in the Marienplatz. St Peters was the most magnificent out of them all! Photos will have to follow.

Off to find some Internet to send these three blog publications and dinner to go with.

Later chaps.

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