You know it’s cold when…

walking from the train station to the Concentration camp was somewhat entertaining. The bundles of snow, ice, snow berried cars, black ice the catches you off guard, the houses with the climate adaptions (different form of plastic surgery for the east).

The 2km walk in -8 was great! To be honest, I’m loving the cold. There is no hunger and thirst attached to the weather, as well as the constant shaking…fits in naturally.
The ability to layer up, blow steam, wear glove makes it all worth the while!

Walking back to the train at 3pm, the water from my eyes froze between eye lashes…can you tell it wasn’t -8 anymore!

We heading back to the hotel to check in, after just having McDonalds for Breakfast and lunch. As the Travel Executive said, take a roll for breakfast (check) and you’ll find yourself trying to get something to eat between locations and before you know it, it’s dinner time (check)! To the T!

Below is an image of the sunrise over the wing of our plane which was above the cloud blanketing Berlin. At this point we were 200m above ground.

Cheers to warmer times!


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  1. Sweet deal!! Keep up the happy travels!

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