We’ve just walked into our hotel after a long evening getting around to see everything.

With half a burger king burger in my right hand and my left hand holding my head up while the table supports my upper body I come to realize, by tomorrow morning, I will have had 9 hours sleep since leaving Jo’burg on the 26th. That means 9 hours of the past 72 were done sleeping! Time for bed!

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  1. wiggie said:

    You can't waste time on sleep when you've got so much to see and do – keep that for when you get home!1.04am! Should you be going to bed? Is'nt it time to get up to catch your next flight? What's with all the McDonalds and Burger Kings? What's wrong with bratwurst, brot, beer, kartoffeln, brot, beer, sauerkraut, brot, beer and eisbein, brot, beer. Did I mention the brot?

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