We are in Paris!! Whoop whoop!

Flight was good, weather is warmer and we fighting the language conversion. Danke to the French doesn't mean much!
Thankfully we've past the rush rush part of our trip. We checking into the Paris hotel with unhappy French men. We should have e-mailed in Afrikaans or used google translator into French. Booking us on the fifth floor is 'payback' for being english.

Eurail pass that cost us a down payment on a car is proving to be pretty useless. After receiving a 40€ fine, each, in Munich for being on the wrong train, brought us to learn the value of asking more than one person. -I seem to remember my travel exec mentioning, ask more than one person-

Exhausted from the 9 hours sleep and wind burn, we trek on as the new city sparks interest to explore. Off to versie on the double decker train, doesn't help the motion sickness, but it's essential for the experience.

Note to self, travel to Paris before Berlin and spend more time in Berlin. Reason: save the best for last, the people and culture are more pleasing and the transport works like a bomb!

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