Old years eve

The day is done, the night has come, I'm not sure what else there is to be done.

Back home now after trying to get past the apple store, unfortunately it was a very far walk, so we got half way and caught the metro home.

Below is a the beer of choice for the evening. Something not common anywhere else. Desperados is it's name and it's quite a sweet woodish beer. Not to brutal and thick but smooth.
The wine from last night didn't get finished either so will try do that a little later.

It's bloody cold here and it looks like New Years might just be spent inside. As nice as it is to be in Paris for new years, the cold makes it extremely un-attractive.

I know i've added some folks e-mail addresses to this blog so they will receive an e-mail each time I post something. If you'd like me to add you to the list, drop me an e-mail at chris.shead1@gmail.com and I'll add you on.
The same goes to those who'd like to be removed from the list, drop me a mail and I'll remove your address. I know spam can get irritating so I don't mind if you're on or not.

Au revoir


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