Travel day 3-done

Somewhat different day it was. No sunrise flight, no rush, just breakfast next to the grumpy frenchman at reception.
We made it quick to max the amount of sleep and get the next train to Caen.

Caen was the host to the D-Day beaches memorial museum. (Actually an entire museum on WW2) Taking most of the day to get through we missed the opportunity to get to one of the beaches to view the canons and American memorial.

Good news; our Eurail pass has allowed us 1st class seating on the train from Caen to Paris and return! Whoop whoop! Luxury for 4 hours of the day.

Entertainment for the day was the drugged up hobo who decided to take a pee at the bus stop. Not only on the floor but up on the advertising board. Yes and then proceeded to put his pants back on while having a DMC with himself. -DMC: deep meaningful conversation.-

Motivation level for the day on a scale of 1-10: 2. Must be the day 3 effect, although I thought it was yesterday.

On our way back to the hotel in 1st class. Not sure what our deal is for the evening. Beer is first priority.


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