The Eve2

I saw I posted the video twice, my apologies, just making double sure you get the good bits. 🙂

Sacre coeur, Moulin Rouge, Pont Neuf and Saint Chapelle were just a few of the locations we viewed today. With the weather above zero it was nice not to have to layer up and down each time we enter an attraction.

Last nights atmosphere was great! Thanks to the government, the trains we free from 6pm, which is awesome for those who wanted to party at the right spots and not drive home. And if you weren’t sober by 12pm today you’d have to walk.
Being free, the whole of Paris tried to board the trains, proved to be warm and cossey most of the way.

We celebrated in style with a bottle of true Champagne, no glasses, just straight from the bottle much like the rest of Paris.

One very interesting observation was their ill-awareness of fireworks and their dangers. There we crackers going off everywhere and shooter crackers that didn’t shoot off which ended up displaying their beauty all over the floor. Thankfully, I didn’t witness any injuries or get involved in any of the sorts.

The day started on an interesting arm. Our alarms didn’t go off when we needed and nobody woke up, because of our 2am decent. Apparently there is a bug in the iPhone 4.2 software that up until the 3rd of January, no alarm will go off. Sounds like a holiday for the phone to me. Today my phone is living in the future, the 4th January.

Below is another panoramic picture from Sacre Coeur and the steps leading up to it. On the left is a view over looking the city and on the right, the Sacre Coeur.

From the future, I wish you a good night, may it be a good start to the year.
We off to get dinner.
Bonne Année

The trio

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