Dear followers…
My sincere appologies for the spam mail. I've now posted a post with three photos which has been posted previously.

The reason for the confusion is…
There was a bug in the iPhone 4.2 software, which didn't allow the alarm clock to work from the 1st of January till the 3rd, 2011. To solve the problem, I fast tracked my phone so the feature is enabled.

Which generated a second problem in that the blog posts were fast tracked too. So when I checked that my resent posting had been published, I saw an old posting. Continually reposting in different ways, I've managed to spam you with the same posting.

I shall use my brain next time.

While I'm typing, I'm busy rocking and swaying in a boat. Well that's what it feels like.
6hours of travelling on the train today has given me montion sickness which hasn't helped being in Venice either.
Sleeping on a solid bed on solid ground seems like a rocking boat.

The day was successful. A tiny stop at Pisa of 10 minutes allowed us to push the tower and run.
I skipped lunch so I could spend the money elsewhere which came in handy as the fee for dinner was excessive.
There is a R20 cover charge per person, and then 12% service fee ontop. So our R255 meal became R360 before our eyes. It's just too much to even conceptualize. The thought that goes though my head was;
'it's just money, the experience is priceless'

Tomorrow we've planned to hit the train station to book the remainder of our trip, then we'll be going past the grocery store to get food and other goodies on the way past some of the touristy sights.

Off to bed.

Sent from my iPhone4 in the conceptualized boat.

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