[delayed] When in Rome…du twa

Today I felt like a comminor.
Not in the light that I was part of the Romans, but I was a part of the people visiting Rome. Scattered with tourists our photos were polluted.
“bloody tourists!”

I tossed the coin, climbed the steps and ate’ da pizza!
Was great!
Thankfully I tossed a sufficient amount into the fountain for a return trip, I could definitely return here. 

The alleys are safe and calming, the people are friendly, it’s cheap and the food is good. What more could you want?!
I know RJ wants his snow board that’s for sure! Kirsty’s board arrived at 9:30 this evening, we shall see what happens next.

Above is a picture of our view at the colosseum. We were placed with seat numbers and watched the performance of time. It’s absolutely mind blowing. Unfortunately, that is one thing a photo can not achieve.

Seen this somewhere? Yes, my sister took a picture of this too. 🙂

We’ve completed our touring of Rome and tomorrow is the Vatican City. Without enough Vatican Dolar around, we’ve had to book tickets in Euro’s. Such a pain but we’ll get in tomorrow.

Off to bed for another early start. 😉


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Intended to post on the 3rd. Didn’t get there.

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