We have come to the end of our journey. It’s interesting to observe this as the days get less and less busy.
Today’s itinerary was to eat as much breakfast to save on paying for lunch. Get to the train station to book bus and train pass. Get to sights and home.
With temperatures below zero for the morning jaunt, the exploring wasn’t quite the same as what we were spoilt with in Rome.
We found ourselves back at our hotel by 2 to either thaw or sleep, depending on the person.

Dinner was at the train station with the affordable food, it’s not often you’ll find a chicken burger in Europe, so I dived in head first! At least it was reasonable this time, diner came to R75 including a large coke.

On the thought of coke, I was at the super market today and the cokes were the cheapest we have ever found in Europe.
For a 330ml can! It costs R6
For a 500ml can! It costs R12, so I doubled up on the cokes, filling up the spare weight in my luggage.
Trust me, they won’t last till I return, it’s coke, let’s get real!

With thy cheap spree, the wine at the shop was also R12, so I coke, beer and wine next week and we all good!

Chances of me not having Internet for the next week is high. If I don’t have, I’ll blog, but they’ll come through in one bulk send when I do have Internet.
SPAM here we come! 🙂

More like Snow Boarding here we come!

FYI: we head to Austria to a town called Kleinarl. They have a website; Kleinarl.at where you’ll be able to view the mountains and space in panoramic view.

From the moving bed on solid ground. I wish you well for the week ahead.

Ciao Romano!

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