Location location location!

If you're interested to see where I am, below is a picture of my location according to Salzburg. (blue dot is me) The top of the map is North and the village is named Kleinarl. There are 200 houses in the village and they've stopped all development to sustain the quaint-ness of the town.
It's amazing!

Tell you a true story;
The baker of the town gets up at 1am to bake for the town. Bread orders are gathered by e-mail the night before, which is delivered at 6:30 the following morning.
How sweet!

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  1. I posted this yesterday, but not sure if it was uploaded, so here's take 2 if it was!I loaded your address (Dorf 2, Kleinarl – got from your website)) into Google Earth (GE) and it shows the place you're staying at as the northernmost house in a clump of houses, with a stream immediately on the other side of the road and a farmhouse beyond that.A ski slope is VERY visible, about half a km to the right of where you're staying, and up the hill on the other side of the road?The GE photo was taken in summer, so the BIG DADDY is a green grassy run, between the trees, about 2kms long! Whooop whooop!!Go have fun.Wigs.

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