From another land;

From the land where, advertising is nulunvoid because of the condensation in the shop window.

Where milk supplied to the spar is from the barn across the road.

Where white blindness is a reality to more than black blindness. And it's not a racial thing either.

Where Snow hasn't fallen in days.

Where a 1.5 liter coke is more common than a 2 liter.

Where Magnum Ice creams come in boxes.

Where drinking is more common than boarding.

Where falling is painful…must be international.

Where someone who can speak english is your friend. Ie: no friends yet.

Where work is a 8-12, 3-5 thing.

Where Jet Streams in the sky are no less than 4 at any point.

Where McDonalds doesn't exist!

Where luxury is traded for simplicity.

Where 5 o'clock seems like 8.

Where salt is thrown on the road to melt the snow and ice. Try figuring out that scientific elements quiz!

Where 11hours sleep is a regular thing and having coffee is the highlight of the day.

Why as humans do we have to complicate things?! In a matter of day's (I'm not counting) I'll be back home. In what i've read to be cold and wet.
Back to the rat race and the challenges it brings us, or to use what I have learnt to make my own way in life, at the pace I am comfortable with.
The village definitely stimulates those thought patterns and possibilities.


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