We set certain standards

Setting certain standards, we've saved on electricity refrigerating our beers.
By doing that we've lowered our carbon footprint, a compensation for the erosion caused on the mountain.

Body is sore, neck is not fully functional. But yet we still hit the mountain.

Cloud cover has blocked the sun, giving us snow blindness.
Much of a contradiction: blindness is assumed to be black but snow blindness is too much white. Without being able to distinguish the hills and mounds on the mountain falling and getting around is much more difficult.

There is predicted snow with this cloud cover, holding thumbs! No, not because they cold.

Till a later time.

Oh yes, we going for drink after the afternoon board session, they call it something. Something "ski", will listen intently for you.


No snow board yet.

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  1. So interesting you suffering snow blindness. I didn't think it would happen when you're so close to the ground.An Air New Zealnd flight in 1979, that ran trips to Antarctica, crashed into Mount Erebus due to a whiteout. The crew couldn't tell the cloud from the snow covered mountain. As you say, too much white.A solution would be to aim for the trees!If you want to pose for a photo again, the photo is taken every 15 minutes, starting on the hour, but the camera you used, seems to run 2 minutes late.Lots of smiles and jumping around tomorrow please.CheersWigs.

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