Some few thousand miles

Some few thousand miles away and reality has hit!

Clients have called. E-mails have been sent and it's only two days into the working week and I'm already nervous to be back.

Boarding today was great!
At the point you know you doing it right is when your body temperature is low and the energy generated isn't sufficient to keep you warm going down the mountain.

Covering up from head to toe except a nose sticking out, I've managed to go down the slopes successfully! And with only two falls today, tomorrow looks frighteningly good!

The falls were immediately after lunch and caused by a heavy frontal region. Yes, I face planted, both times!

While up on the mountain, my brain makes up all sorts of gadgets and goodies. Much like any other day really.
Today I invented Ice Boarding. Yes, it comes after snow boarding because the snow has to melt. Much like ice skating but much faster and more painful.
Ice skating, the principal is that you have a sharp edge working against you to keep you up. Ie: the skate.
Snow boarding is much the same. Yet the edge is larger and not sharp. It's the bottom of the board which resists your efforts to push it down.
Ice Boarding is a mixture of both. The motion to move forward is there, but contact with equipment on the ground is not feasible. Some call it bum boarding, but my board was on my feet not bum.

Tomorrow we plan to go down a hard blue run, from that a red run.
If I didn't explain before.
Blue is an easy run.
Red is medium and
Black hard.
So there are varying degrees. And if it wasn't for the little appendix in me that said "don't do it", I would have done a red run on my way home this afternoon. Whether home or hospital was the destination, we won't know.

Lunch was an amazing German dish consisting of fried potatoe and (a German sausage-name is lost) with herbs. Proved to be very tasty. Photographs to follow.

I was able to stand infront of the web cam today, it's just that snow boarding seemed more interesting at the time. Yes, I know earlier in the week I said I wasn't sure how people did so much of it. But I'm learning. And learning is fun!

Off to watch slalom on TV with the hosts up stairs.
Crazy thing: the slalom is on the otherwise of the mountain, the lights reflect off the clouds and sound reverberates down.
Much like watching the Jumbo Jet fly over Ellis Park when we won the world cup, but closer. Much closer!



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