Sitting at the Salzburg airport in Austria waiting for our flight out to Frankfurt, I think of the movie where the old master teaches the young Karate students how to do Karate and in one of their lessons, he teaches the boy how to paint. "up, down, up, down, patience young one".
Much like my movements from seat to seat at the airport.

The day started early, packed and ready waiting for the bus at Kleinarl, when the rain started to fall. If it were snow, leaving was on the cards.
Boarding the bus then the train we made our way to Salzburg Airport. Just in time for Beer o'clock!

Fighting the Russian's and Brits to get through we wait at our boarding gate. Much like East London airport the chairs are scarce and people plenty. Never the less it's warm and doesn't smell!

Off to Frankfurt where duty free awaits our paper work. Followed by inflight shopping on route Johannesburg.



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