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The mountain affects brain function!

Inventions were as follows;

Kruger Island = Robben Island
Loin Chop = Lion Chop
Preserve Felt Fires = Prevent Felt Fires
Need to wee = Toilet “I’m going to the, need to wee”
The green green and Blue Blue =
Now Now =


The decision to not blog yesterday was based on the fact that it was the sabbath. Not to mention the fact that it was Easter Sunday as well. Celebrated in true easter spirit we had eggs for breakfast and again at 10 and 12. The first occasion was fried eggs, the second was a chocolate egg and the third was eggs mixed to make Pancakes.

Yesterday was a highly productive day, not only on the inventions but sight seeing. Kruger Island was our first stop for the morning, with a great trip out there. Initiating Sea Sickness for Becky, which didn’t last long once we were hit ground. Guided around by an amazing Guide, who had the honour of guiding Nelson Mandela, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama around the island.

The Aquarium was the next pit stop for an amazing experience with all the fishes. Followed by the Kirstenbosch Gardens, which we just managed to squeeze in before the doors closed and buckets of rain arrived. I’m lost without any adjectives to describe our experience there. There are only so many times you can use Awesome, Beautiful, Stunning, Mind Blowing before they become ‘nouns’.

By default on our exploring to find the Rhodes Memorial, we found a water reservoir which has stairs, making it a Swimming pool according to the athletes analogy.
Rhodes Memorial was a memorial, nothing fun about it, other than the exercise we got in preparation for our climb up Table Mountain. Box Jumps up the Double Stair is enough to fold and remove anybody’s breathe! A Box Jump involves a double foot jump with heels landing sufficiently far into the step so it’s not hanging over the edge. FUN!
While we talking about Training we raced up one of the paths in Kirstenbosch, so we on par for a good walk on Wednesday Afternoon.

Today was yet another early start as we wanted to see if the clouds were hindering our mountain walk or encouraging it. The clouds were moving and without taking any chances, we opted to keep the experience for a clearer day. Changing our direction of movement we headed South to the following places:
Hout Bay, Chapmans Peak Drive, Simon’s Town, Cape Point, Boulders Bay, Musemburg, Fish Hook and Zevenwacht Wine Farm.
What an amazing experience. Something we could have done over days, taking it slow, but unfortunately, there are limits to fun in life and we must move on. We find ourselves stopped off at Zevenwacht Winelands for the night, as we plan on going to the Crocodile, Butterfly world tomorrow, as well as various monuments and Towns with Wine Tasting in between.
With the guidance of a Family Friend we have the opportunity to experience some of the best winelands and activities in the area.

Wednesday, doesn’t hold much except for the big walk up the mountain. We plan to go past Llundudno and Blouberg on the way.

Photos have been posted on my Facebook album, “Cape Town, Bitches” for your ease of viewing.

This writing is somewhat a challenge after a busy week and malfunctioning thought processes. So I’m going to leave it there.
Shalom and Auf Weiderzen.


that make your life worth while!

We had some “Jo’banite” in us this morning. What seemed like a late morning, was too early for Cape Town. The streets were bare, parking lots empty and water cold. Never the less, off to our buffet of hot and cold breakfast, which got us off to a good start. Un-aware of what the day would hold, we headed out. On the drive we decided that The Good Hope Caste was the stopping point for the morning.
Perfect timing to observe a canon demonstration and have the opportunity to take part in a tour. Which we skipped considering the size of the group, now that Cape Town was awake.

The term Jo’banite came from the Host on the Sun Set Cruise we went on this evening. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Totally Worth it! Champagne till the motion in your head is not just from the ocean. Sufficient Wind for you to create a Sound Effects only fart! and just enough sunlight for you too look into the sun and it’s glory.

In between the two activities above, we hit the V&A Waterfront for the best Fish and Chips on the trip so far! Set the bench mark pretty high!

An amazing day!

To complete the journey in your head, I just need to fill you in on last nights happenings; Flight from ORT to CPT,intl all good, no problems, other than the pretty air hostess’ and insufficient wine on the plane. Becky flew from Lanseria to CPT intl, all good. Had 2 open seats with enough space to spread her legs.
Car collection went well and as planned. We received an upgrade because they had run out of entry level cars! Score!
Check-in at Hotel was done by a smooth french speaking african, without a hassle.

Tomorrow we venture out to Robben Island for more mind blowing experiences.

PS: The music at V&A today was awesome! Couldn’t resist supporting the local talent, fake or ligit, they were talented!