and we’re back!

To follow on from the last post, labels to the photographs went as follows:
– Father Christmas Beggar. With Notre Dame in the background.
– Robot Eiffel as the fog blinds his vision
– Chandelier in Versailles, view from ground up (didn’t actually get a regular angle) I think the desire to see the regular angle is larger now that you have seen this magnificent view.
– Rock Well in the Town of Caen, used to hoist rocks up from the well/mine down below. This Rock Well was the supply hub for many of the houses in the area.
– Douglas Store, named after some Rapper I know. The store sold perfume and ladies accessories. More at

I’m not quite sure what’s more exciting, traveling or using my Orange Travel Bag. Well the bag has been checked in and the ticket has been collected. Sitting at Mugg&Bean, I’m tempted to make friends with the air hostess’ at the next table, just incase they are on my flight. I was told by one travel expert that this relationship is critical for long journeys.

Oh shoot! I forgot my tripod! Flip!

The itenerary has been partially set for this trip, we’ll take it as it comes when we there. Major items that have been booked to avoid quing and disappointment include Robben Island on Sunday and Table Mountain on Monday.
Other things we’d like to see:
– V&A (well atleast on of us)
– McDonalds Cape Town
– Shark Cage Diving
– Bloukrans Bunjee Jumping
– Kayak around Cape Point
– Bike Musemburg
– Walk Hout Bay
– Stand infront of the Canon on Loin’s Head (Yes, during the noon shoot)
– Fish and Cook our own Fish&Chips, potatoes might take too long to grow.

So off we go! I’ll keep you posted how things go along.



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