Day’s like these…

that make your life worth while!

We had some “Jo’banite” in us this morning. What seemed like a late morning, was too early for Cape Town. The streets were bare, parking lots empty and water cold. Never the less, off to our buffet of hot and cold breakfast, which got us off to a good start. Un-aware of what the day would hold, we headed out. On the drive we decided that The Good Hope Caste was the stopping point for the morning.
Perfect timing to observe a canon demonstration and have the opportunity to take part in a tour. Which we skipped considering the size of the group, now that Cape Town was awake.

The term Jo’banite came from the Host on the Sun Set Cruise we went on this evening. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Totally Worth it! Champagne till the motion in your head is not just from the ocean. Sufficient Wind for you to create a Sound Effects only fart! and just enough sunlight for you too look into the sun and it’s glory.

In between the two activities above, we hit the V&A Waterfront for the best Fish and Chips on the trip so far! Set the bench mark pretty high!

An amazing day!

To complete the journey in your head, I just need to fill you in on last nights happenings; Flight from ORT to CPT,intl all good, no problems, other than the pretty air hostess’ and insufficient wine on the plane. Becky flew from Lanseria to CPT intl, all good. Had 2 open seats with enough space to spread her legs.
Car collection went well and as planned. We received an upgrade because they had run out of entry level cars! Score!
Check-in at Hotel was done by a smooth french speaking african, without a hassle.

Tomorrow we venture out to Robben Island for more mind blowing experiences.

PS: The music at V&A today was awesome! Couldn’t resist supporting the local talent, fake or ligit, they were talented!



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