“Can we get serious?” the waitress asks me.

Not sure where I stand, with my heart rate spiking and the idea of a coffee quickly changing into a coke to cool the blushing, I politely said what time do you get off.

A little held back by my response, she corrects my terminology and asks if she can make my coffee a serious one… Who would have though coffee can get serious… two cups down and I’ve developed caffeinson’s. A shaking of extremities as the muscles are overdosed on caffein. Eyeballs need lubrication due to the intense muscle movement across my screen, I’m not sure if I’m looking at my keyboard when glancing in it’s direction.

Does it ever frustrate you that when you pay with cash, the waiter or waitress in this case, assumes the change is theirs? This means she got double the suggested 10%. One way to instantly convert generosity into greed.

Brain still in Hyper-Drive, I managed to miss-place my parking ticket. The 10gram, 3 by 1 inch paper drove me up the wall. Searching all clothing orifices, as well as backtracking my route back to the money-muncher. By now, my window period to get out the parking would have been up and a second payment would have been due. I summoned myself to a Four Wheeled Security guard who said, “I can make a plan”. “How much is a plan?” was my response and he said, “Give me two minutes.” In half that time, I’d only just re-parked my car for the 3rd time and he was back. Back with a paid ticket. Probably my ticket. Never the less, I was running late so I donated the Monster R40 and went on my way.

The price we pay to get a decent cup of coffee. R80 could have gone to the latest ‘app of the week’!

May the ticket be with you.


  1. hahahahahaha you are such a goof ball! I love it!

  2. Chris said:

    66% of people viewing this post are Safari users! 56% of that are Mac Users!Love that!!

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