Less is more… Bull Shit!

It’s times like these you wish you didn’t support them. It’s Steers I’m talking about. We all know Steers is renowned for their flame grilled, real beef patty’s and world class chips! Assisting every consumer with their ‘bulking-up’ for winter.

After a friendly greeting from the cashier as I walked in, I didn’t think twice about my meal choice. King Steer Meal with a buddy coke. Only coke can be your buddy!
Placing the order was simple, until she offered extra cheese. Did I ask for extra cheese?! “single or double?” she asks me. While in the back of my head the cogs and spinners are going full tilt processing this ridiculous money making scheme. Never the less, I package my rage for another day and go for a single, thinking make it back another day as Kalma has it.

“plus, minus five minutes.” was the call and I resided to a seat just 4 meters from my cashier. It was definitely the couch seat. Anybody sitting in a four legged chair facing a couch, either doesn’t know what if feels like or the couch is full.

On the phone to a great friend my meal comes through from it’s flaming at the back. Packaged by the cashier she makes her way towards me, but stops. Places the meal on the counter. Exactly in the middle between my original till and couch seat. “Sir” she exclaims in her highly fluent South African accent! Just enough to set off the cogs and spinners again, thinking is it so far to walk for you to bring it to me? Just anther two steps could have burnt an extra 3-5kilojoules off that big ass!
Never the less, I’ll gain Karma-points and pick up my meal, thanking them with the most sarcastic smile I have packed away.

-while typing, another gentleman has sat down, had his meal brought to him, drink was a separate delivery and an array of sauces to top it off.- he must have ordered double cheese!

Interesting how this particular South African wanted more for less. One day they will all understand how hard they have to work to earn a living. Just one day.



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