Before you know it…

It was the 25th of June somewhere between Dust and Dawn, I ported to a foreign land to experience a culture not know to me.

The site was bitterly cold but the company was cosy. The surroundings, dark, much like a dream, only the necessities were lit. Bedouin tent, table and it’s exquisite decorations glowing like a month end sales man. The grinning eyeballs and glistening smiles of faces I was about to meet, were nothing but welcoming. Nadia was the leader of a uniformed group, served an Indian Styled meal. Indulging in the a delicacy of Lagos Chicken and Naan Bread, I got swallowed in the event. Without cherries, desert added the cherry to the meal.

Before I knew it, the night was over, with great memories and new friends.


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