Just moments away

This time next week, I’ll be on a beach, on the North Eastern side of Africa, drinking a cocktail of local beer equivalent, while watching the sun set. Sporting my RayBan’s which have been sent if for a service. Jacob on the side of the road, has said, that they’ll be back from the factory next week.
Considering they only R50, bargained down from a R200 deal, I could easily repeat the sentences and support his friend at the next robot.

Anything for support.

Bachelor’s survival kits are in production, with special emphasis on tabard and suntan cream.

Contact has been made with the producers of Hangover, and they’ll be joining the three of us, on the journey, they gonna call it, Hangoverz-bar. Without a return flight on the schedule, it’s very possible we might only get back on Saturday, or just before the wedding, depends how fast we walk.
The producer, Eybee Profin has made a very stern warning to taking Rohypnol on the journey, as the last film too them an extra week, to get everybody together. I’ve also been asked to shave, apparently I can’t get a tattoo if I don’t.

More to come, the week is filled with plenty of catch-up goodies, as well as suits that are made of plastic. Let’s hope they come right with those chaps.

Mapenzi Beach Club is where we’ll be filming all the mess.

Till later…



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