Your holiday is lame…

Without throwing stones or showing any disrespect, I think expressing your excitement for a trip is lame. Yes, I have done it, but in moderation. In all my tweets, and Facebook statuses, i’ve only done one or two boasts (each) about my travel.

At some point, there has got to be an understanding that the excitement is short lived, and for something short lived. For a moment in your life you get to view another place in the world and adapt your style of living to that particular custom, just for a moment.

We as humans get so excited and uptight for a change in lifestyle, that by the time the event occurs, it’s already over.
Every felt, like the weekend was so short? Well answer these questions: did you sleep past your regular wake up time? Was there a point in the weekend where you let your mind go? If you answered, yes, your questions are answered, you either wasted it sleeping, or didn’t realize it was slipping by. If you answered ‘no’, you probably found it to be a very productive weekend, and that by the time Sunday evening came, you were still tired.

We often find ourselves racing into a holiday only to find it was over already.

Let’s take the week slowly, as to not spoil the weekend of fun ahead.

Latest addition to my travel kit includes, the iPad camera connection. This enables me to take my DSLR camera and iPad on holiday without my MacBook. Saving me the stress and frustration of lugging it around. We won’t mention that the size of data on my camera, is twice that of my iPad.





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