Long Distance Domestic Flight!

Stranger things have happened, but I should share with you, traveling to Zanzibar from South Africa involves a serious process. Baggage check in is at a domestic terminal and security is through international gates. This is something to be aware of, as one would assume the gates are near each other, until you get to the front of the que.
[checking ticket would avoid this discrepancy]

Much like any flight, the attractive in a brown paper bag, air hostess display emergency exits and demo the safety gear. With a slight curve ball. The demo kit being used, has be altered. No, they cannot mess up their hair. It would be a disaster!
The life jacket, has been split, so that when the display is in progress, hair and facial artifacts remain in tact. Not realizing, it’s gonna get messed up in the brown paper bag anyway.

Much like flying to Cape Town, and back four times. This flight was fairly comfortable. It got extremely exciting when I had the chance to purchase a Fairview Cheese platter. Attached in one of the pictures is my wooden knife, cheese assortment. So delicious!

Inflight entertainment involved the movie Trust. Thanks to Bose and Apple, I was able to enjoy it at the pleasure of near silence. Despite still being able to hear the colored women, through the head phones. It was quite something. On a trip like this, it’s the movie about being in a bus crash, and fighting for your life as you’ve been captured for body parts, that you want to watch. Makes the whole experience worth while.

In the collection of photos, are the two well shaped gentlemen, standing shin heigh in the sea. What’s amazing about the photograph is that there are no Beach Boys, not the floating type, the type that can get you anything you want off the island. The one Beach Boy’s name was Verimark, you can just imagine what he had to offer! All I could think about was where he stored the “and wait, there’s more”, washing machine.

The service is world class. Being exposed to the culture of the people, while they acquaint you with their custom, “hello” & “thank you”, is truly special, making the start to this journey, awesome!

Dinner is due to be exquisite, as buffet lunch was killa.
I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the chocolate sauce, as there was only coffee cake and cheese cake to put it on. If the heat would let up, I’m sure the ice-cream would come out.

Till later, the traveling trio..





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