Free Drinks

Free Drinks is something not to be taken lightly. Considering we had 9 drinks yesterday. 7 beers, and 3 cokes yesterday, we took full advantage. Not to mention that the beers are 500ml each, and cokes at a standard 330ml.
Don’t calculate the amount of beer, 3.5 liters isn’t too much for the first day. “It’s just on par.” -Richard.


This photo displays the beach boys and their pestering. We gonna see if we can buy a set of Oakleys back.

The ocean swallowed Allan’s Oakleys after capsizing the kayaks this morning, on our little paddle.


The distance to the waves and where the water breaks is about 2km’s. The only thing you hear out there, is your deep panting from the excessive amount of paddling you had to endure.


Richard having a bit of shut eye while the sun blinds himself.



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