If only I practiced my 165 times table…I’ve just paid 20,000.00 shilling to get Internet connection for 3 hours. Let’s not forget that 1650 shilling gives you $1.

Quite an amazing day! You’d assume the service in South Africa is shocking. We pitched up to use a kayak, informing the chap that we’ll be using the device. Boat as some experienced groom to be calls it. Nobody proceeds to issue any forms or tell us what to do, so we unload the boat and take a paddle before we’re called back to sign the sheet. What a spectacular idea though! To be 2meters off the ocean floor for about 2km’s is amazing! The water is warm, but not hot, with the sun, letting you know where you didn’t put cream. Each wave is just sufficient to let you know that you’re still on on water.


The day had slowly caught up to us, as it was already lunch time, some had spent time in the sun, adding to their colour range.

After our torturous loss of Oakley sunglasses, we (the groom) thought it was a good idea to see if we can find them, now that the tide was low and that the water edge was more than 2km’s away. We had the opportunity to walk out there.
Our friends (literally), the beach boys had warned us of some sea urchins, out at yonder breakers. Never the less, they were unhappy we didn’t put their children through school after we departed for the white noise nearing horizon. Each step was more and more amazing as the water never breached knee line for Allan and I, Richard had a bit of a wet pant situation.
Taking for ever the amazing ness of low water levels had lost their heat, quite literally again, and this time we were playing Minesweeper Tanzania style. The sea urchin’s we were warned of, are no myth, nor a lie. They are everywhere! Densely populated in certain areas and space in others.

Steeling the afternoon’s sun, we’d only just reached the sand bank, where the Oakley deposit was presumably made. But at this time, considering the level of the sun and duration to evacuate the scene, we headed back to avoid any scene out in the ocean.

Who’s worried, the ocean current could take us back to Richards bay, we’ll be in time for the wedding with a set of Oakleys. No fuss! Any how. Back for a beer and a dip in the pool.

Unfortunately we spotted a well proportioned young lady. Her boyfriend wearing the JohnDeer hat was the unfortunate part. Each meal time is now entertaining, as his eyes stare holes into our skulls, and our eyes examine her body.
Boys shall be boys I guess!

Thankfully we have inhouse entertainment to the sound of a train or diesel truck or trackter, at least we don’t have to live with him for the rest of our lives.








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