Pictures are meaningless without smell

When traveling on the N1, one would expect to keep to the lanes, one would expect to keep to speed in specific lanes, one would be of road worth condition when traveling at such speed. No for a 3rd world countries like that of Zanzibar. The amount of poverty is quite breath taking and the way in which people go about there business, something out of our world. Lanes do not exist, taxis and busses hoot their way through the scooters. We’ve stopped at one traffic light, and it’s been the only one we have seen the entire trip.

The experience of going into Soweto or Alexandra does not compare to these poverty striken people here. The market we walked through had a meat and fish side, both extravagantly bare, fly riddled while the heat changed it’s freshness.
Constantly being welcomed into one’s shop is an example of how desperate the people are for money. The other possibility is that we look like tourists, white people with camera’s, a dead give away. I’m not too sure how many times the other couple in our group were offered a shop visit. I assume, less than us, as their skin tone was more off white and she wore clothing that covered her head.

Getting through stone town was pretty simple, with the assistance of a guide. Doing it alone, would not have been quite as pleasurable. At one point, the guide mentions to not take photos of people, unless we ask of their permission. He could assist if we needed.

Back at the hotel, sleep swallowed us all, debilitating us for a while. Mosquitos are our new stimulant, next to coffee. They’ll get anybody moving.

Apologies, as the two first paragraphs are typed pre-dibilitating sleep, and the rest post mosquitoes.

Santi, Santi.










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