The start of the end

The little stretch to make this weekend happen was truly worth while.
The experience of risking your life to and from the airport in the taxi, while endangering motorcyclist and pedestrians alike.
The smell of fresh meat at the market, mixed with fresh out the ocean fish, riddled with porters of various kinds.
The opportunity to enter every shop.
The hundreds of new friends we made with each beach visit. Some by familiar names; Verimark and James Bond. Apparently we been friends for a long time.
The free drinks, constantly. The shush-a late at night, while spotting talent and various body shapes.
The experience of losing holes in heads because of grumpy guy with JohnDeer hat.
Losing Oakleys properly.
Paddling out 2 meters above see for a few kilometers.

What truly made the experience, was going with the boys! The gentlemen.



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