I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need.

Some parts of last night I can’t remember. 3 muscle relaxants might have been the reason for my narcolepsy.
The day was full and expensive. With a vehicle of your own, an iPhone 4 and working SIM, the job to get around is much easier. Parking just 300 meters from Muscle beach yesterday was part of the luck, and pleasure. As the movies have it, street side vendors, roller bladders, police pulling skateboarders over, dogs on leads and ice-cream. With the winding walk ways just adding to the ambiance.

Prior to Muscle beach, we headed up past Malibu, a beautiful serene area, just within a few miles of the city. On passing we came across Zuma Beach, something we could relate to. What will boggle you’re mind through is that they brush / sweep the beaches flat, so it’s not the waves and wind arranging the contour of the beach, it’s the man.

Santa Monica Pier was in the mix yesterday, with lunch at Bubba Gump. There was something famous about the place, but we didn’t know until the questionnaire after devouring our delicious Clam Chowder. Everything was related around Forest Gump the movie, and the restaurant played a role in the movie.


Not sure what to do in the evening, I asked if we could go back to the farmers market, a spot where there is nearly anything you want, all around you. Stacks and stacks of little stalls under a low roof, with the tables and chairs, enabling you to relax and enjoy the bustle of the community going shopping.

This thrilling photo was from the Farmers market. Thankfully, I am Saint Christopher, I was showing him how to be a traveling angel.

I’m struggling to blog as I’m constantly exhausted. Hopefully the Jet lag will we’re off soon, and I can get back into it.

We heading towards The Museum of Tolerance this morning, but without a rush, as it only opens at 10.

Peace y’all!

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