Road Trippin #2

It’s the fourth day of an awesome journey! A journey the started in the heart of LA, and slowly increased in beauty ontop of mind blowing LA itself.

Yesterday was a chilled day, with an easy drive up to Santa Barbara, where we stopped for lunch. The beauty of this small town cannot be explained. The ambiance has to be experienced first hand.



Luckily we got through Santa Barbara on Farmers Market day. The taste of fresh strawberries, is one of those ‘to be there’ moments. The strawberry season is generally May to October in this part of the world, but there are some variations that ripen at the off season. I guess, thanks to GM foods.
Yes, I found the apple store in Santa Barbara, I haven’t said anything about the other stores, simply be cause it may sound weird. We didn’t get off the hop on/off tour to go to the apple store, I promise, we had to find a bathroom. 😉 I’m on store number four.
Two in LA, one in Santa Monica, one in Santa Barbara. San Francisco might be the end of me!



Hearts Castle is something out of a fairy tale! One guy with too much money, just went A-Wall, building a mansion! And at the same time it seems old, but it’s recent wealth. All happened in the 20th Century. I’m sure he’s been past Versailles! With a gold plated pool floor he must have been!



This photo above is part of our journey from hearts castle up to Monterey bay.


There was once a road trip where trees kept getting in the way of our photos of the sunset, and today that tree, was exponentially bigger.
Driving along the 1, up the coast, Sam needed to clear the windscreen and get a shot of the sun set. So the next stop took a while to reach, as the sun neared the horizon, we pulled over, and out of nowhere, a rock/boulder/mountain got in the way! Words were said and the next stop was soon found!

Sleeping in Monterey Bay, we have a chilled morning to get around. We’ll then head out to Santa Cruz for the afternoon and night. San Francisco around the corner.


  1. Doug Shead said:

    Hello travellers. Looks as thought the roads are very narrow but the scenery is stunning. Are there other shops other than Apple stores? Don’t forget to send Gramps a message for his birthday – it was the 20th. It was very busy for him so he won’t mind that you are a bit late! Love and happy travels!

    • exploretheball said:

      There aren’t any other stores! It’s rediculou
      Your daughter has a narrow road story for you one day, when you together. 😉

      On the birthday wishes! Thanks!

      Love the T’s.

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