She’s a Long Beach..

Some while ago last year, Becky was in South Africa visiting and exploring our land. She’s gladly offered to take me around a little bit of LA. Not quite her home land, but close enough to it.
We arranged to stay on the Original Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, which is some 75 years old, and de-commissioned in the water.


This being our view of Long Beach Harbour from our room.

Some pretty Sky Line Cranes before the sunset.


The real deal! The hull 534.

After our night on the RMS Queen Mary, we made our way to the Getty Centre. Just to have our expectations blown out of the water. I mean, that’s what we expect right…
The size and capacity of this masterpiece, no only the architecture, but the beauty and design of the landscaping. Just a Marvell!


Try find this row of trees, in the first picture of the Getty Centre. Somewhere, mid right.
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Just some of the Marvell!

From the Getty Centre, we made our way back to the Queen Mary for visit the Russian Submarine. Which is also on exhibit, in the same bay. For those who haven’t been in a submarine, I suggest you make a plan to go. The size, and amount of metal in metal that still floats, is something the mind cannot put together.

The night was spent at a Ducks-Sharsk, Ice Hockey Game, at which the sharks won 3-1. We were supporting the ducks, well Becky was, because they from her area. I was unbiased and enjoyed the atmosphere. Shedding a tear at the sound of praise and excitement, during “…land of the free…” in their national anthem.


Today was spent at Warner Brothers Studios (mind blow #2) getting around the sets and sound rooms. With exhibits of the original costumes used in some of the famous movies. Such as: Harry potter, Matrix and Batman just to name a few. The rest of the day was spent at Roacoe’s a great joint that should show Kernel Kentucky how to fry chicken, and the Griffiths Observatory. The Griffith Observatory has an amazing, amazing star presentation named Centered in the universe, which just displays how we got to where we are in our theories, and just how insignificant we really are within the bigger picture.


Yes, that is the Set for Friends. Mind blow #3 for the day!

The Relocated Iconic Water Tower

The Tumbler Batmobile.

LA in the Background.

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  1. wiggie said:

    Sounds (see’s) as though you’re having a great time.
    I’m going to pop your bubble – work on Tuesday!!!
    Hey Beckster it looks as though you’re a fantastic tour guide!
    Have fun.

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