At some point..

All good things come to an end, at a some point.

Below we have some packaged toys, walking playing wooden toys, walking gingerbread men and Father Christmas. All part of a Christmas parade, through the street of Disneyland.

Fact of the day: Walt Disney died the day he was meant to open Disneyland. Crazy!

At the entrance to Disneyland is a plaque, which states; “here you leave today and enter the world of Yesterday, Tomorrow and Fantasy” which could not be any more correct.
The time spent at Disneyland, is a fantasy, the effort and pleasure that the people involved put in, make it worth every cent!

Nobody ever heard me saying I didn’t want to go to Disneyland.

Ride such as California Soar, Haunted Mansion, Toon Town, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, California Scream, ‘it’s a bug land’, Twilight Tower of Terror and Mickey’s Fun Wheel are all compulsory rides. Not just because I say so, but the detail in which each ride is developed, just blows your mind.
The ride at Indiana Jones is on a car, with dinkum wheels and movements exactly to that of a going on safari. No imagination needed. The ride goes through a series of sights and animated scenes, playing more and more on your imagination.
Not everyday do you get to see Indiana Jones and a Father Christmas on the same day.

The evening was spent eating turkey off the bone, in front of a stage for the world of Colour show. World of Colour is 30 minutes of mind blowing water effects, synchronized with music to over stimulate any human being. Children were gripped by the screens of water that played snippets of favorite movies, while adults and elderly were mind boggled with the shapes and colors involved in the water display. Lasers, flames, lights, strobes and music…magical!

It’s been a great trip. The country I miss assumed to be arrogant and plastic, proved me very wrong. Humbling people, gladly providing assistance with great places and sights to see. Coming away from the giant of a country, I have hoped to form a vision of my future.

‘just do it’

In Turkey, waiting for my next flight. I wish you well. There will be more of me.
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