High Tea- Sun City

“…to Duchess Anne and the Earl of Sandwich, Bon Appétit”

The words of an interesting intro at High Tea in Sun City.
The conesours of tea and sandwich’s mentioned above, thankfully didn’t patent their habits, as to deter anybody from enjoying in their pleasures.

Too often we take for grated the texture or flavour entering our mouth. Oh too often have I been told to taste my food, rather than inhale it. The high tea at Sun City was the perfect opportunity to do so. Tasting everything on offer, while playing it safe with the selection of tea’s. The favourites were petty fours’, scones, cup cakes, and decadently rich chocolate cake.
Fresh tea flavours presented themselves across the table, some only exploring black and rooibos tea, with others splurging out into the Amazing Apricot and Fresh Ginger concoctions. All to delicious!

Raising yourself to another ‘class’ is rather interesting, might I say.

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