Honda Northcliff

Hearing someone mention the reliability of a car manufacturer, instills confidence in the big decision you plan on making when purchasing a vehicle. Then the model you bought wins car of the year! Wow! So much pride in the decision you have made. Setting the stage of years of pleasure!

Until the first week of your pride and glory, the tread you been riding on consists of three Bridgestone tyres and one Dunlop. Without suspicion the Dunlop tire’s rim has a dent in it. By now there is a growing instinct as to why you made the decision, second guessing yourself as to where the influence came from. Thanks to ‘Car of the Year’ and peer influence, the pill was swallowed and tyre change at the expense of the undoubted consumer.

Making vast use of the vehicle, during it’s first year, notice was made that the carpets at the back of the car were both right side carpets, disabling the ease of use of this model. Which is what it was know for in it’s class! By now the doubt has been confirmed. What’s the point of purchasing a vehicle from the Honda dealer, when you gonna get just as much flack as a backyard car dealer. Although it was a second hand car, the false pride and assurance displayed by the car sales man, only raged anger after noting issues with the investment.

Three years of half hearted relationship, a squeak appears in the front left suspension. Notably on cold days, driving up a incline and over speed bumps. Occasionally making an appearance, the day arrives for 90 000km service. Up unto this point, the week has been squeaky, thankfully the day is cold and the opportunity prime. At the check in counter, I explain to the consultant that I’d like the suspension looked at, since there is a squeak. Explaining the instances in which it squeaks, she writes the necessities on the job ticket. My skeptical, pride and uncertain glory is in for treatment. I couldn’t hold my fingers any tighter, in anticipation of a ‘back to normal’ vehicle.

Collecting the vehicle, without a hassle, the receptionist clears my account for labour and parts rendered. In all fairness, a necessity. No mention of the squeak. Upon receiving the keys, I pose the question: “anything about the squeak?”, momentarily the receptionist stalls and goes to get advice from the labouring mechanic. The mechanic, now dealing with people and not spanners, explains to me that since the old break pads were worn down, they were squeaking. “I even let the engine get cold”- stated the mechanic. Clearly a game they love to play is broken telephone. Driving away, I was led to believe that the new break pads wouldn’t squeak and that it had nothing to do with the suspension.
Guess what happened down the road; the car squeaked. Thankfully I was able to look past the bullshit and expect it squeak.

What do you think of, when the motor mechanic services your car and doesn’t read the job ticket, as clearly in this case? Has the mechanic actually done the 90 000km service that the car was in for? Was I billed for a 90 000km service and only a 60 000km service rendered? If reading a simple job ticket is so hard, I find it hard to trust anybody to look at or fix my vehicle.

Personally flagging dealers for their incompetent service, I’ve given up. I’m moving vehicle manufacturers to a more reliable, reputable brand. What makes the move even harder, is finding out that the service log book you were issued four year prior, is that of a different car, and that in fact the 2009 model you invested in, had a service in 2007. In who’s mind is swopping tyres and log books fair game. Back seat mats are much of child’s play, but log books and incompetent service would get anybodies back up.

I’d like this matter resolved, before the press get involved.

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