Your expectations precede you…

Have you ever ordered something online, using your subconsious impulse, that even the SMS to notify you of payment off your account, is late? Before the checkout countdown has begun, the purchase is over. If the transaction was in real life, Super Man would have had to scan your item and take your money.

Coincidentally, payment is faster than delivery. The wait, that could bring about a cold war has started. Each day the product crosses your mind with the fading thought of how you intended on using it. Land speed records are being broken on it’s way to you, while frustration build up. The fact that the journey from the manufacturer to you is shorter, than from that of the supplier, changes nothing in the delivery of the product, you expectations didn’t come from half way around the world.
Even worse, is that by the time it’s arrived, the urge and excuse you had to use the device till it breaks is now gone.

Sometimes we forget, that before this we had nothing.


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