Without a cold war, the wait is over. Delivery of my Plantronic, Backbeat 903+ was taken on Friday, early morning, no better way to get the weekend going.
Nothing like a well equipped late saturday run, the Polar RS300X strapped to my being, while listening to some trance through Plantronics BackBeat 903+. Serious base, and quality sound flows from these puppies!

There is something about earning Points, that entices a customer. Discovery Vitality Points have been around since my school days, now I have the opportunity to optimise my spending, by being consciously healthy. Through my Medical Aid company, I’m able to upload workouts, building up a healthy track record, gaining points and account status as I do so. Now it’s just a matter of reaping in the discounts!

Who couldn’t do with a 15% discount from the Apple Store?

Challenge: Sunday 27th July; 10km Run.


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