Time Line Lives

Imagine you were able to pause your doze in bed this morning, or fast forward through your gym session. Each of these pertaining to an emotion, either positive or. negative, all we want is the positive. So why not press ‘slow’ on the life remote while in a jacuzzi Saturday afternoon while watching some rugby?

What if it came at a price? For every minute paused, is 30 seconds lost. Would you press it? In a nut shell, an extra 30 years will only cost you 15.
15 years that may be of vital importance, would one be able to catch up and make up for lost time in 30 years prior?

What if rewinding or jumping back in time, would only cost a year. A year. Only a year. One less year to save up retirement for, one less year to be bored or one less hear to be a burden on family. Who knows? Maybe those who use the fast forward or jump forward feature do… At the price of a memory anybody could see the future. Remembering it may be an issue.

Let’s put this in context, for every sight of your unborn, unconcieved child is the price of a memory. Is it worth it? Worth what…

Ice cream often makes my left side giggle and the right chill. Depends how you lick it off.


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