Monthly Archives: June 2014


The bitch that kicks your ass out of bed every morning.

When an extra 5minutes doze could mean a day full of guilt!

She expects performance at the weirdest hour, mimicking that of a cold toffee, you’re expected to shine your inner thigh from behind your head. The group of defrosted elastics create a live art exhibition.

The peak of performance is announced with a moan from the artist, supported by onlookers who’ve out performed you.

Our well rounded twenty first century bodies can’t handle the sequence of movements, but don’t worry, you’re constantly reminded by her with the sweat that puddles at your feet.

I’ve never met such a courteous ring suspended from the roof, the delicacy to which she rips open your hands boggles the mind. It’s not a treasure hunt, nor a skin camp, there is nothing in my hands for you. If only you could password block that shit so she doesn’t get in.

The pretty bitch ain’t cheap!

Crossfit! The beautiful game.