Monthly Archives: October 2014

Not long ago Helvetic met Unverse when Futura was having a braai. It was a beautiful summers Saturday out in the park over looking the mountanous hills of Fontville. The fresh air and the gorgeous greenery made it the perfect day to be out. Futura had made every arrangement to have the braai up on the hill, making sure he invited all his friend. It was only Din that couldn’t make it. He had spent the previous day out sailing with his partner Cooper black. They’d made a day out of their trip down the Fedra River through Fontville. But Din had been burnt so bad he’d been to the hospital to recieve treatment. While Cooper, a fairly large lady, was black she didn’t get burnt. It has been said that she absorbs the Sun’s rays, that’s why she doesn’t burn. Back at the braai, Futura had set the scene with pic nic blankets, snacks and the infamous braai that he’d borrowed from his father. The braai master, Helvetica. Upon collecting the braai with his Oakland, his dad told him, “Son, only turn it twice”. He wasn’t quite sure what his dad meant, driving down the road the the braai venue, futura was still contempating what his dad had said, until it clicked. Only turn the meat twice. His immediate thought was “how the fuck do you do that!”. Coming from the braai master, he was taken aback and quite unsure how to uphold the instruction he’d been given. – Chris Shead