Konichiwa from Tokyo, Japan!

When I decided to make a number 2, or what I like to call, ‘letting the rabbit out of the hat’, I sat upon a pre-heated seat in an environment above 35° on a cool day, I knew I was out of town.

What a culture shock! The toilet bowl automatically fills up when you sit on the pressure sensitive, pre-heated seat. When you done, you have a couple buttons to push, which I have found out via experiment, because of the language barrier. The first button did nothing.

With anticipation to use the second button, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When you hit the button, it seems like time slows down into slow-mo, the machine on which you expose you sensitive, most precious bits, makes a sound as if it changes gear, building up the suspense! With enough fright to send you into outer space, the toilet sprays your poop shoot. In natural, super man lightening fast reactions, pushing anything and everything, I found out the first buttons is stop! I hit it, providing you with the same joy at the end of a roller coaster!

In hind sight, the time was only but a matter of split seconds and I was yet to be touched by something I didn’t approve of. Now knowing where the Jedi Button is, I was able to explore and found a variety of others, way more pleasant than my initial experience. To name a few such as deodorizing, air dry and bidet.

After I’d bowed down to the acceptance that I’d been cleaned in the most private of creases by something I had no control of, I became a master in an instant.

For each and every experience, there is a new button or guessing game to build on my mastery. Letting the rabbit out the hat, has always been magical, now it has been mastered.

We’ve made our way throughput Tokyo, seen a temple, the imperial palace, ate some incredible sushi and have yet to find bad ice-cream!

Late night shopping and early mornings are the pattern for now. But with everything looking like it came from China, and is in cheap shinny packaging, it’s hard to see anything of value.

Tomorrow is Kyoto, a small village with touring and shopping planned. Lots of excitement for the bullet train.image image image image


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