Monthly Archives: August 2015

What an amazing experience! We arrived here in long pants and beautiful purple shirts, with sweat dripping from every pore in our bodies. Dragging, carrying or lugging heavy bags, packed full of friendships to be made and new beginnings. Still full of life while carrying all the possibilities, cheering and singing our way to the bus, grabbing high fives along the way.

Sitting in the bus was a luxury, simply because the air conditioning wouldn’t be around for another 12 days.

Why go to the world, when the world comes to you at Jamboree! So many cultures and friendships to be made! Already upon arriving, the friendships are stating to form, different countries join in a dance lead by Mexico, others join us in kicking the Soccer ball around. The friendships will go far an wide from here on out.

As true South Africans we made every opportunity of the main path going past our campsite, and the Scouts set up a Spaza Shop for badge swopping. Drawing Scouts from across the world to our site, where quick friendships and super interesting conversations were had. One of the conversations, was about why we are white! The story went along the lines “the cure makes you white”.

Every hour our skin temperature is above 30º, where it should be 24º. It’s so easy to overheat and dehydrate. We’re on a regular 4 to 6 liters of water just to maintain our energy levels. Even at 11pm, it’s 31º, without wind makes it incredibly clammy.

With endless opportunities in camp, the friendships and bonds are far and wide.

Skippy, a Scout in camp, is making the most of his campsite and standing in the main pathway infront of camp, throwing the rugby ball to passing people. So many friendships have been made and the gifts received, it’s absolutely mind blowing for me to understand his ability to simply throw the ball and interact. It’s a simple thrown, but the simple action is a big friendship starter.

SO much passion bleeds from these children it’s inspiring!

Till another inspiring day!