Man Hands

Gentle to the touch are hands of the heart labourer, effortlessly moulding hearts and emotions with the passing of the sun.

Until one day, the hands moved to a more malleable substance, with more resistance, more fight, sharp realities and the power to draw blood. Starting with a simple project, involved cutting and joining ends to plans and plans to ends.
Within an instant the hands started to feel warn and over worked. Yet filled with love, the hands went on at a cost. They became red and sensitive, tender to touch as were the hearts they’d previously mended. The metal became supple and effortless as the gentle hands were now numb. The skin became battered and bruised, scared and burnt as metal was moulded, burnt, beat, warmed and beat again.

When the job was done the hands came to life with a burning awakening, acknowledging each and every cut and burn that contained more steel than his heart.

The awakened hands didn’t stop there as they wiped the tears, the fresh blood and new life that makes life a little bit better for all.


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