What’s your worth?

When you go to bed at night, what determines a good day?
The shortened to-do list, the bigger bank account, feeling accomplished or tired? But what if you covered all those items, by getting enough done, earning enough money and by being tired enough. How would you value yourself everyday?

How would you, specifically, measure your value every day?

Should money determine your value. If so what’s your hourly value?
Every hour, you’re worth more and more as you grow, learn and explore. Whether you’re learning in the office or out with clients, or out of the office, you’re learning. Would you say your hourly value is relative to your skill and experience?
The word relative changes things as you need a benchmark to justify your assumption. You could be earning big money, it’s just not relative to your peers and your social environment.

So money isn’t the best method of measurement.

What pays you to do what you do? Other than the money. Motivation by To-Do list and getting the job done according to the List. But once again, where’s the benchmark? Specially since all the items on the list have their own importance and urgency rating.

There is no benchmark to your value, there is no measurement. You’re the only one who could be you. You’re the only one who can specifically harbour a smile in someone else’s eyes. You’re the only one who’s able to bring life to your work. You’re the only one to be you.

Unfortunately as the population has grown, we find the competition to be unique and different, very challenging. Especially when we can change jobs in the blink of an eye. The work and the roles we fulfil have become so dispensable that we’ve covered ourselves in doubt. So we constantly judge and measure ourselves against a benchmark of the wrong currency.

You aren’t your pay check, you aren’t your bank account, you aren’t your debt, you aren’t the company you keep, you aren’t the achievements you’ve accomplished, you are you. Be that for one day!

PS: When we allow ourselves to be just that, ourselves, we allow others to be themselves, and that is an epiphany.


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