During our travels today, we toured some of Kyoto, the oldest city of Japan. With culture and heritage dating back some 600 years. The buildings and land are preserved in the correct manner as to display the true culture of the Japanese and their heritage.

Today we stopped at the majestic golden temple (the word for Japan is Majestic, everything is simply majestic!)! It is surrounded by pristine gardens and the sill mirror lake. During our walks, the heritage and surrounds are too overwhelming to take note of the names. Approaching a shrine, see below, we have been taught to be quiet and respect the deity that stays within.

There was a moment today when the Contingent organizer, Theo, and I went off together and without needing to purchase or stop at any of the shops, we walked through and absorbed the culture as much as possible. Simply taking the correct turns, we headed up and up a hill side. Straddled with shops and curios representing the culture of the Japanese. Low and behold a shrine near the top of the hill.

Approaching the shine, we came across a couple of ladies in traditional dress, some that had gone the full way with the make-up and others that just wore the gown. We kept climbing and slowly but surely reached the top.

Noticing an area where people take off their shoes and enter down through a stairwell. We thought we’d go see! What we thought was the shrine or back end of the shrine might get us closer to the deity. Removing our shoes, we entered down some stairs, into a dark room. Completely blind of what’s ahead, how close you are to the person in front of you, and the cool smooth rock patterns below your now bare feet. Initially the dark is overwhelming, and disorientating, but 30 seconds into the walk, being able to find a wall either side of you, means you on the only route possible.

The darkness is now nothing. Your senses are in overdrive. Your ears pick up the slightest of noises, and your feet feel the patterns in the floor. Completely in another frame of mind, you are thoughtless. Blank, like the darkness in front of you. The sensation of your body is exhilarating, you have a natural head rush, body feels light and energized. You just needed to notice your true state. Now 3 minutes down the passage of darkness, there is light. The most peaceful light appears from the ceiling, shining down onto a rock. The rock is engraved with a symbol, a representation of the deity. You can feel the size of the room, the people moving in it, the person behind you and the presence that this light brings. I placed my hand on the rock and took a moment to feel and be in that space. True to the earth and the ground I was walking on, I headed for the exit door. This I found without seeing, phenomenal! The ability to feel for the exit, without your hands, eyes or ears. I took a couple steps through. Putting our shoes back on, and breathe back in our lungs, we were shocked yet satisfied with the experience we just had.

Something we knew, nobody else on the contingent would have explored that far for the experience.

Every shrine needs it’s respect, much like any religion, but the motion of bowing to the deity, is humbling.

Tomorrow is Jamboree time! The Pre-Tour is over and what an amazing Pre-Tour it has been.

Till then, Chris

PS: I don’t have any pictures of the shrine we visited, you’ll have to see it for yourself. We weren’t allowed to take pictures.

The path, straddled with shops and distractions.

The path, straddled with shops and distractions.

Trditional Wear

Traditional Wear

One of the many Shrines.

One of the many Shrines.




Chris and Theo

Chris and Theo



When I decided to make a number 2, or what I like to call, ‘letting the rabbit out of the hat’, I sat upon a pre-heated seat in an environment above 35° on a cool day, I knew I was out of town.

What a culture shock! The toilet bowl automatically fills up when you sit on the pressure sensitive, pre-heated seat. When you done, you have a couple buttons to push, which I have found out via experiment, because of the language barrier. The first button did nothing.

With anticipation to use the second button, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. When you hit the button, it seems like time slows down into slow-mo, the machine on which you expose you sensitive, most precious bits, makes a sound as if it changes gear, building up the suspense! With enough fright to send you into outer space, the toilet sprays your poop shoot. In natural, super man lightening fast reactions, pushing anything and everything, I found out the first buttons is stop! I hit it, providing you with the same joy at the end of a roller coaster!

In hind sight, the time was only but a matter of split seconds and I was yet to be touched by something I didn’t approve of. Now knowing where the Jedi Button is, I was able to explore and found a variety of others, way more pleasant than my initial experience. To name a few such as deodorizing, air dry and bidet.

After I’d bowed down to the acceptance that I’d been cleaned in the most private of creases by something I had no control of, I became a master in an instant.

For each and every experience, there is a new button or guessing game to build on my mastery. Letting the rabbit out the hat, has always been magical, now it has been mastered.

We’ve made our way throughput Tokyo, seen a temple, the imperial palace, ate some incredible sushi and have yet to find bad ice-cream!

Late night shopping and early mornings are the pattern for now. But with everything looking like it came from China, and is in cheap shinny packaging, it’s hard to see anything of value.

Tomorrow is Kyoto, a small village with touring and shopping planned. Lots of excitement for the bullet train.image image image image

Gathering up the crumbs of a smashed Jolly Jammer biscuit may not seem to be Caveman, but in my loincloth and with my set of primal rocks outside in the garden, it is.

The craze to eat Paleo is becoming a growing lifestyle, and since it’s in our heritage it’s worth investigating. So there I was sifting through Food Lovers market, with my Paleo quick reference page in my left and the Paleo Plate smart phone app in my right, trying to pick out the most ‘legal’ items off the shelf. The reference page basically stating, if it once had a face, eat it. If it’s processed don’t. Within minutes, I’d livened the trolley with lots of now dead vegetables. Once upon a time, these items where rarely found in such abundance, sought after as high end commodities, these meant life. Today they’ve become second nature as we’re able to grab or buy what ever is on the next corner.

I’d taken my loot of high end commodity home, laid it out on the counter as if it were time for framing the prized possessions, instead I bring out the western worlds cutting board together with my knife and in a trio of horribles, we three transform the natural supplies of the world into something perceived as pretty. Often in this process removing some of the most valuable and nutritious elements. In the blender these now transformed natural supplies go, and in the push of a button, a massive ear squelching buzz, the natural supplies are ready to be consumed without chewing.
They call this Paleo. It’s caveman food. Except they didn’t have a 6000rpm blender from Mass Mart. In a blink, I was ‘roughing’ it, I pinched my nose closed and placed my lips on the rim of the cup of anything goes. The now puree form of what could easily be Hulk’s semen, although led to believe, is ever so healthy for you. Without considering alternatives the green machine had left it’s load in me, I was now healthy and I’d conformed to societies status of caveman food. In a completely uncaveman fashion.

Although there is peer review proof that the wheat of today is causing health problems, the fact still remains the same, I’m yet to find a simpler way to crush my Jolly Jammer.

Not long ago Helvetic met Unverse when Futura was having a braai. It was a beautiful summers Saturday out in the park over looking the mountanous hills of Fontville. The fresh air and the gorgeous greenery made it the perfect day to be out. Futura had made every arrangement to have the braai up on the hill, making sure he invited all his friend. It was only Din that couldn’t make it. He had spent the previous day out sailing with his partner Cooper black. They’d made a day out of their trip down the Fedra River through Fontville. But Din had been burnt so bad he’d been to the hospital to recieve treatment. While Cooper, a fairly large lady, was black she didn’t get burnt. It has been said that she absorbs the Sun’s rays, that’s why she doesn’t burn. Back at the braai, Futura had set the scene with pic nic blankets, snacks and the infamous braai that he’d borrowed from his father. The braai master, Helvetica. Upon collecting the braai with his Oakland, his dad told him, “Son, only turn it twice”. He wasn’t quite sure what his dad meant, driving down the road the the braai venue, futura was still contempating what his dad had said, until it clicked. Only turn the meat twice. His immediate thought was “how the fuck do you do that!”. Coming from the braai master, he was taken aback and quite unsure how to uphold the instruction he’d been given. – Chris Shead


The bitch that kicks your ass out of bed every morning.

When an extra 5minutes doze could mean a day full of guilt!

She expects performance at the weirdest hour, mimicking that of a cold toffee, you’re expected to shine your inner thigh from behind your head. The group of defrosted elastics create a live art exhibition.

The peak of performance is announced with a moan from the artist, supported by onlookers who’ve out performed you.

Our well rounded twenty first century bodies can’t handle the sequence of movements, but don’t worry, you’re constantly reminded by her with the sweat that puddles at your feet.

I’ve never met such a courteous ring suspended from the roof, the delicacy to which she rips open your hands boggles the mind. It’s not a treasure hunt, nor a skin camp, there is nothing in my hands for you. If only you could password block that shit so she doesn’t get in.

The pretty bitch ain’t cheap!

Crossfit! The beautiful game.