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We made it… 1320 miles or 2100 kilometers later and numerous gas/petrol refills.

During dinner last night with Janet and Mike, we were talking about the trip and I was asked the three major hits, or moments that I have taken me aback.

1. Signage, road and advertising signage is a major shock. To have street signs replaced within a week, is something never heard of. The intensity of the amount of signage is also a shock.
This is billboard country! Compared to South Africa, we have skyline posters.

2. The Size of the Grand Canyon, and the thought that just over there, 18km’s away, is the same type of land. And just as Sam said, the view is not positive, it’s a negative in the land scape. Mind boggling. From Google Earth, it looks like a positive structure.

3. The use of the Credit Card is universal. I’ve handled 4 or 5 $20 bills. And about 10 $1’s. I held a $100 once. And since then, everything has been in my Credit Card. Being free to swipe also changes the perspective. Oh bring on the day we get free banking transactions.

Although it’s the end of the trip for Sam. It’s not the end for me.
Becky is able to take me to LA for the last week of the trip. We’ve got a Ducks – Sharks Ice-Hockey game planned. A night on the Queen Mary Ship. A visit to Disneyland, Spruce Goose, Malibu and Getty House.

For now, I’m at Polo practice, watching some 18 girls swim 30, 100m lengths on a 1 minute 20 seconds.

Below I’ve got some photos of the drive into Bakersfield with the pollution hovering the city.




Till LA…Cheers!








We’re approaching the end of our trip, today’s trip up to the grand canyon was spectacular. With views out of this world! The mind cannot grasp the length and depth of the canyon!
Today’s trip was onto the South Rim, yesterday’s West Rim was mind blowing and it’s only a small strip. The south rim is the biggest part, with the most depth! Incredible views and mind blowing space.

The thought that there is no positive structure to the flat land, and that it’s only a negative is mind blowing on it’s own.

Tomorrow we trek 8 hours through the desert to Bakersfield, to meet up with Sam’s friends and team mates.
I braved 2 hours in the cold, to create a time lapse shot. I’ll put together the 25 second video when I’m back. Holding thumbs for good stuff!


We were swallowed! We even went back to throw stones…

After being over stimulated and tired of fighting crowds on the street and busses, we called Vegas. The deal was done, the gambling lost and death was us. We headed out of Vegas, this morning, the 29th, destined for Hoover dam, with apparently great views.



After these quick snaps we shot (45minutes) back to Vegas, I’d left my camera charger plugged into the wall. And someone needed to wee.

Deal done, we were now headed for Grand Canyon, more specifically the SkyWalk. This for those who don’t know is a walk over the edge of the canyon looking down through a glass floor. Spectacular!
Only arriving at 14:30, we were informed that tickets took an hour and a half to buy and it takes and hour and a half to get onto the deck. Conveniently closing at 5pm. Who would have thought the traffic would be this insane!
Not only is the wait ridiculous but also the price. An entrance fee of $30 with ‘red indian tours’ was not optional, as the skywalk was also $30. This info would have been nice to know before we drove 4hours to get there.

This has lead me to an idea. Travel Buddy is my next app, and possibly company, which works in association with Travel Buddy would have made this information available to us, soo to you.



Above are the photos from some insane things we did while being swolled down in Vegas.

Here is a summery of the rides…

Big shot is a ride where you are shot up 25m, 350m above the city. At a rate of 120km/h. While on the ride, your visual area doesn’t include the structure supporting the ride, freaking any passenger out! Specially at the speed and height.

This is insanity, a ride of pure torture. Once again you aren’t able to see the supporting structure as you are spun over the city 320m off the ground. This being off the edge of the building, posts all sorts of strength and stability questions in your head.

This right here is the stupidest ride ever. Also at 320 meters off the city. Locked and loaded into a chair positioned nicely off the edge of the building. The ride begins we a sheer propulsion off the edge, stopping briefly before dropping what felt like three, is only a meter. This sequence is shuffled in a set of three more torturous minutes.


After being highly disappointed with the skywalk we made our way to Flagstaff. Tomorrow we explore the canyon. Don’t know why they call it Grand, it’s massive!



Oh have we travelled some roads! Flat ones, bendy ones, skinny ones, large one’s…
During the drive, I update the post “will write tomorrow”. Check out the changes.


We’re in Vegas, getting around, part of the things we wanted to do, was check out a show. The shows we wanted were Blue Man Group and Magician, David Copperfield. Unfortunately, David was sold out for two nights before we got here. Blue Man had a show at 4, 7 and 10. Booking for the 7pm show we were given 4 o’clock tickets. What a great mistake!



The next two photos are from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The famous hotel in all the Vegas photos and movies on Vegas.




In front of the Bellagio.


Coke world coming up, we know someone we could spend a fortune there.


Such an iconic image below!