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Oh have we travelled some roads! Flat ones, bendy ones, skinny ones, large one’s…
During the drive, I update the post “will write tomorrow”. Check out the changes.


We’re in Vegas, getting around, part of the things we wanted to do, was check out a show. The shows we wanted were Blue Man Group and Magician, David Copperfield. Unfortunately, David was sold out for two nights before we got here. Blue Man had a show at 4, 7 and 10. Booking for the 7pm show we were given 4 o’clock tickets. What a great mistake!



The next two photos are from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The famous hotel in all the Vegas photos and movies on Vegas.




In front of the Bellagio.


Coke world coming up, we know someone we could spend a fortune there.


Such an iconic image below!



It’s 4am and my body clock doesn’t think I should be vertical.

From making contact with the ground on Friday, 16th, I’ve travelled for some 24 hours over 21,000 km’s averaging 830 km’s per hour. Thankfully we didn’t land at this speed.
While Traveling the distance, I’ve thought long and hard about Turkey and how they should lift the tax’s on men’s facial products. It’s easy enough telling them apart with the additional hair extending from their neck, ear, eyebrows and nose.

Flight 1 of 2; Jhb, SA to Ist, Turkey.
Flight duration: 10 hours
Seat: window on wing
Flight comfort (1-10): 15
Entertainment: Soul Surfer, Battle LA

The lady next to me was on route Vienna from Cape Town. She’d recently had a back op, and wasn’t able to sit for too long. Poor lady wasn’t interested in movies or music after I showed her how to operate the hand held gaming control / credit card machine / telephone / keyboard / screen control that came no bigger than a Top Deck Cadbury chocolate. Maybe that’s why!

On the flight, I came across a blood nose. Not the most pleasant experience! Specially when you don’t want to get the person next to you up and keep them visually away from the blood. No other choice than to plug it worked out well. It was over in 10 minutes. Might have been caused by the delicious beef dinner, that had sparked intense blood flow through the body.

Flight 2 of 2; Ist, Turkey to LA, USA
Flight duration: 14 hours
Seat: isle seat in centre, behind wing.
Flight comfort (1-10): 3
Entertainment: Planet of the Apes, Sudoku, chess

If, has the opportunity to begin a big statement. If the guy in front of me had agreed to swop with the guy to my right (Abdul). Abdul would have been able to sit next to his girlfriend. Abdul would have been able to get up every hour without asking me to get up. Abdul, would have been able to push his legs over onto his girlfriends side. Lean on his girlfriends shoulder. Make elbow contact with his girlfriend. Spill water on his girlfriends leg. Drop the lemon onto her leg. Speak to her in an Indian accent. Ask her to ask for more wine for him. If only, then I might have been a bit more comfortable on the flight.

If only the pen I lent him, would have messed at the right time.

Bearing in mind that this is an aeroplane, food isn’t expected to be great. But oh my word, is the food awesome or what! The menu, yes the menu is a little far out of my reach at this point, but one day, I’ll make your taste buds tingle!




Saturday was the first night and we did some get around with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. While having Mac’as for dinner.
Sunday was hop on hop off tour, as you see us wrapped in blankets, because of the fresh breeze!
Breakfast was four pancakes soaked in sweatiness from the hostel. Lunch from Farmers Market, where Sam had a traditional Phil’s sandwich! And I a USA, staple diet burger.
The iStore was one of the stops along the Hop on Hop off tour. It was the Beverly Hills iStore, so apparel / memorabilia was essential! More to come in that department.

Otherwise for now, we wait for the sun. Sam said she was going for a run at 7, so I guess I could nap for 20 minutes.

Photos below are of some smart advertising by Louis Vuitton. A post card from the Hollywood, Wax Museum.

And just incase you were wondering why ‘sponsored by bar-one’; because of the 35 hours day I had on the 17th. It’s the only way to get a 24+ hour day.